Not sure that’s a surprise statement up there: Deluxemodern Loves Pink. Yes, I totally admit it. My sheets are pink (pale pink) and my husband doesn’t care ’cause he’s cool like that. And dang, my office floors were pink up until a month ago. I use a lot of pink in design. My clients come […]

Greetings + Happy Holidays! I get so excited about the holidays…. I seriously love to decorate & entertain. I’ve put together a festive little inspiration board, and designed a set of pretty gift tags for you to download. I like chic, simple holiday with lots of sparkle! Please download gift tags below, and let us […]

When it comes to design trends, I try to pay attention (it’s kind of my job) and then take them with a grain of salt. Trends can come into style like a hurricane and are sometimes so overdone that it’s painful (damask, anyone)? You know what I’m talking about. What I’m wondering is, how does […]