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Aug 2, 2014

Back in June we announced a new service called THE ONE DAY BRAND where we will start and finish a complete custom brand design in one day. This has not been wildly popular, we’ll admit. And we didn’t expect it to be: it’s scary. How could we possibly create an entire brand that is really right for your company in one day? Here’s the little secret: we do it all the time. More often than not, the first concept we show to a client is approved with no revisions. This always brings us to happy dance status, (and we love everyone to be happy) but it’s the reason we created the One Day Brand in the first place. I don’t think this happens because of  luck or skill: it comes from really listening and gathering enough information to really get a feel for the company or person we’re working with. We look at a clients notes, photos, colors, inspiration, and have a conversation before starting, and we look at the big picture. The feeling. The vibe. Most of all, we read between the lines and find ways to hear and see what the client isn’t saying. Hm, maybe that is skill, but mostly it’s intuition. and it works. We decided to hold a contest and give the winner a “Brand Day” so we could show you the result. More about that below the photo…

AND THE WINNER IS…… Kathleen Frank Photography. Her Brand Day was yesterday, and it went like this: phone conversation at 9:30 am, concepts to her by 3:00 pm (with interruptions: a computer that froze, contractor drama, and someone who “just stopped by”). Several logo concepts to choose from, and one overall look. One revision, and the files were delivered in full before I started writing this post. 24 hours.  Below is the design and links to her Pinterest board so you can see the inspiration. Congrats Kathleen, rock n’ roll!




The thought behind offering The One Day Brand is this: way too many people overthink, second guess, and don’t trust themselves with style. We get it. It’s hard to know. When we introduced this service, we had a contest called #THINKFAST. People would pin their ideas and tell us about their company in the comment section of our post (here) Our very favorite part was that so many people entered and told us how much they really stress about this stuff. Sorry, but it’s just design. Yes, I said it. It’s the most important thing in the world to me, but still: it’s just design. Hopefully it’s awesome design.

Kathleen’s response to the design: ” EEEEEEK!  Could not download it fast enough!  Girl, thank you so much! I am completely obsessed with the multi color font in #5.  I also think I like the three hexagon shapes in #3 more than the single shape in #5.
The color palette is so spot on.  I absolutely love it.  And the patterns with the secondary font!  Perfect!  Surf and sand is so much of what I love! ”

Kathleen’s Pinterest Inspiration:




  1. Ruth says:

    SWOON!! Love it!

  2. Ashley says:

    This is a genius idea! Wow, and it came out beautifully! Great job. I’m a designer as well and would love to offer something like this! So cool!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I think you should have more contests like this! Love the new brand!!

  4. This is SUCH an amazing idea! Me too, I’m often guilty of overthinking things, and I fully agree that very often, the first draft is the ONE. You did such an amazing job on this one!

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