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Last week  I walked into my youngest daughter Lily’s room, looked around, and said “nope”. This has got to go . Do you ever just  sort of *see* something for this first time, even though you look at it everyday? That’s what happened.

Pastel Bedroom Makeover from Deluxemodern Design

The walls were a navajo-ish beige, which came with the house – but as the oak trees outside of her room have gotten bigger, it’s gotten really dark in there. Combine that with my “here, have this huge hot pink rug I bought for my office but don’t love” (I’m talking hot pink and really, really big), along with other assorted pieces I decided would be cute but didn’t have any real thought behind them -and  it was suddenly just yucky. This is not a happy cheerful place for a kid. Time for an overhaul.

The last big room makeover she had was when she turned 5. Now she’s about to turn 10. We’re planning her tenth birthday shindig, and this kid LOVES to party. She also loves ice cream, like a little too much – and she’s decided on an “ice cream pool party.” We sort of turned that into the theme for her new room, without even realizing it.

One trip to Target, one trip to Amazon, one spin around my garage, a quick trip to Lowes, and we’re almost done with everything. (That was on Thursday, today is Monday). Thursday we went to Target and picked up a few things, starting with a pink lamp that you can tap to turn on and off from the Pillowfort line. She pretty much thinks that’s the coolest thing. Then we found two mint striped rugs, and had a plan. Friday I bought some super sheer curtains, a dust skirt and some party decor from Amazon, and I spent Saturday cleaning out her room of anything she didn’t need. Sunday morning, my husband was at Lowes picking up paint – we used “The Bubbly” in a satin finish. It’s a gorgeous bright white, and my office & kitchen are both painted this color. It’s perfect. Really perfect. He was done painting (2 coats) by 1:00 pm.  Yes.


Were using many things we already had of course – the bedding, bench, teepee, vintage mirror, round gold shelf , ikea bookcases, and ice cream sheets (not pictured), and we’re going to do a few DIY projects to add to the mix.

Anyway. We pulled together this ice cream dreamy pastel party bedroom look without a bunch of time or money, and it’s JUST SO CUTE. I can’t wait to finish it up and show you before and afters!

list of resources:

  1. Party Pinwheels from Meri Meri via Amazon
  2. Pink comforter set, striped rug, body pillow, lamp, and storage pieces from Target
  3. Letter banner and ice cream balloon DIY from Oh Happy Day
  4. Paper Lantern DIY from The House that Lars Built
  5. Clipboard Project from Lovely Indeed
  6. Popscicle art print (free download) from Remodelaholic
  7. Bench, vintage mirror, extra art // already owned



In a spare moment today (ok, the internet was out) I realized how I never give myself a break, and that I don’t leave enough room in my brain or time in my day to really chill out. So I wrote down my thoughts on being a creative person + a human.  Here ya go.

Creative Consciousness by Deluxemodern: Rules for Being a Human



Coco-and-Ollie Print Shop


As much as we adore our little print shop, there are only so many hours in the day for us to accomplish all the things we want to.

Coco + Ollie has been something really fun and different for us, but we just don’t have the time to give it all the attention it deserves – so we’ve decided to sell the business as a ready-to-go package. Coco + Ollie is an instant business for someone who is looking to start something pretty, creative, and fun. *Also note: the prints can be incorporated into an existing business or online shop.

The sale of Coco + Ollie will include:

  • The Coco + Ollie website (a customized Shopify site)
  • Digital files of the artwork, so that you may print and ship from your location
  • All Coco + Ollie branding files
  • Postcard and business card design files, updated with your name and information
  • The URL
  • Information on shipping and where to purchase supplies
  • Transfer of instagram account with 500+ followers





I cannot actually believe I’m doing a “6 ways” post. Really, they drive me crazy (probably because I see so many of them) BUT here we are. The reason I’m doing this is because I actually have 6 things to tell you. Here goes. You probably have a website. And a facebook page. And a Pinterest account. And probably a blog. Just guessing here.  Am I right? Instagram? You better have one of those.

So here’s the thing. Unless you’re a designer (and even if you are) it is SO HARD to keep everything looking fresh across all of these platforms. Sometimes you need a new look, right? Oh, and if you decide to update something, you have to update EVERYthing, because otherwise you start lookin’ like who done it and why. (That’s an old southern saying that cracks me up). Everything has work together. I sometimes see businesses with a couple different LOGOS. Nope, that doesn’t work.  Everything doesn’t have to totally match mind you, because that gets a little boring. I’ll talk about that in the next design lesson though. So how can you quickly and cheaply update your look?  Here it is: one photo.

Deluxemodern-Design-Lesson - one photo six ways

Yes, one photo, six ways.  All you need is a cropping tool. If you don’t have pro design software, all of this can be done in PicMonkey (my favorite) or Canva. (Google them). The magic lies in 3 things: scaling, cropping, and adding text.  By enlarging and cropping a certain area of the photo, you can highlight just that piece – which generally looks very cool. Her’s how to do it:

Find a photo you like. Horizontal layout is best for this.  Please make sure it’s a good resolution, and has been edited. (Promise me you’ll do this part). Now all you’re going to do is open that photo in whatever program you’re using, and crop away. You can add the text and shape overlays to your images right in PicMonkey, then save them for the web. (PNG files will look slightly better than JPG). Then upload, sit back, and feel fabulous. I bet you could do all of this in under 30 minutes. There are lots of places to get photos, and of course you can take your own (don’t forget to edit)! We have some pretty awesome styled stock photos too -you can see them here: Styled Stock Photos  / and below are the pieces we created with our photo.


  1. Website home page. Leave as a static image, a slider image, or full screen. You don’t need to do much here except resize to fit your dimensions or add a semi-transparent overlay and text.
  2. Crop to use as a blog, facebook, google+ or twitter banner. Add text over the top, or don’t.
  3. Crop different areas into squares to use as an instagram or facebook post. Add text on top or leave as-is. Whatever you’re in the mood for.
  4. Make buttons for your site or blog by cropping into rectangles, then add a solid white overlay and text. Keep these simple.
  5. Use in a (6 ways) blog or Pinterest post. Ha, kidding. But clearly, it works. Crop vertically for this one.
  6. Crop to a small square to use for buttons and sidebar links. So. Cute.

Ta Da! You rule. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments here, and have fun!

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