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Chic Office Style

Fun with Polyvore! Miss Modern has her own paper doll look going on. Check ’em out here. {have you made these?| read more

Fab Space Round-up

If I were not a graphic designer, I would be an interior designer, no doubt about it. I have always thought that people| read more

New and Improved | Office Style

I can pretty much sum this year up in a word: WHEW! What just happened? This year has been maybe the craziest yet. I| read more


ok, if you don’t know what movie the “I-I-I-Ikea!” is from – you have to watch the scene from a| read more

Just Paint it Black

I’ve always read that no matter what, black adds drama to a room. And so I’ve always added it. But just a| read more

Creative Spaces

About a week ago, I was featured on the Bloom Forum’s “Room to Bloom” section of their blog. They| read more