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Ice Cream Dreamy Pastel Bedroom

Last week  I walked into my youngest daughter Lily’s room, looked around, and said “nope”. This has| read more

Art Prints | The Haute Mess Collection

We’re prettttty much in love with the new Haute Mess Collection from the Coco + Ollie Print Shop. Glam, gold,| read more

The Coco + Ollie Print Shop is Open!

The Coco + Ollie Print Shop is now open, bringing bright, fun, cheerful art to your walls. Check them out here! COCO +| read more

Introducing Coco + Ollie!

Our brand new art print shop, Coco + Ollie will open for business on June 15th! The time has come for us to combine our| read more

Brighten your Room

As the queen of quick, cheap and easy re-decortating, I find that the small touches are what can make or break a room.| read more

Living Room Revamp

Miss Modern’s Living Room Makeover Do you ever look around your house (say, after months of being insanely busy)| read more