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Introducing Coco + Ollie!

Our brand new art print shop, Coco + Ollie will open for business on June 15th! The time has come for us to combine our| read more

Gold Animal Parade

Tiny gold animals. (There are about a million more, not pictured). Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my)! Ok, so there| read more

Miss Modern DIY | Floral Goodness

I’m just in love with this! I needed an over-the-top floral accessory (for Alt) and was planing a headband, but I| read more

DIY | Ombre Streamers

Here are the super extremely hard instructions for these ombre style party streamers. Ok, Ready? 1. Accidentally get| read more

DIY Gift Toppers

Wanna make a quick + crafty cupcake paper gift topper, because they’re so easy? Of course you do! (if I can do| read more

Make your own wallpaper

Just a little follow-up to the post I did on making wallpaper from books or magazines. I didn’t use the vintage| read more