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Meet Christine Tafoya: Creative Director and driving force behind Deluxemodern and the Dear Miss Modern Shop.

Her entrepreneurial spirit was apparent at a very young age: she skipped playing house to play office (while wearing her mom’s high heels), and was always dreaming up new businesses and new ways of doing things. She was very much obsessed with design and fashion magazines, and accounts too many years of reading Vogue for her expensive taste. Her entire bedroom was wallpapered in the pages. If she wasn’t a graphic designer, it would be interior or fashion design without a doubt.

Her passion for color, type, layout, and packaging led her to successfully combine her two loves: business and style (no design classes necessary). In 2006 she started Deluxemodern, and created her ultimate dream job in branding and design. She hasn’t looked back since. The slogan “Mixing Business with Pretty” sums up the work, the business, and Christine herself.

When not working in her northern California design studio, you can find Christine hanging out with her husband and two daughters, hosting a cocktail party for friends, having brunch by the pool, or redecorating her living room.

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