About Christine Coco Tafoya Deluxemodern Dear Miss Modern

Hello Hello

I’m Coco.

 The official stuff: I am the creative director, owner, & designer at Deluxemodern Design and the Dear Miss Modern Shop.

We very much specialize in logo design + brand identity, and work with creative and independent business owners all over the world.

 {me in my jammies in the studio…my preferred outfit of choice for work}.


Here’s the thing: We are not going to brand your soul. We are not going to define your entire existence through branding. We don’t believe in that.

What we are going to do is give you strong, clean, modern design that works perfectly for your business. We will create something that elevates your company and sets it apart from the rest.  Something timeless, on point, with staying power. We have a proven track record of doing this for the past nine years, and it’s a fabulous new experience every time. It’s a process. A collaboration, and it’s work. But it’s not rocket science, it’s design. And we’re good at it.

I personally have an obsession for making things look good. It’s is what I do. I love anything with an artistic vibe, and get bored of the norm very easily. I love change. I love new. And I was born at the right time: the instant-ness of the internet and social media suits me perfectly, and has helped me turn my self-taught hobby into a business bigger than I could have ever imagined. Lucky? Yep. Hard work? Double yep. But do I love it? You know the answer. (it’s yep). So that’s kind of enough about me and things I love, because I think really, this is about you.

We have recently added photo & interior styling, marketing and social media to our list of services, and plan to help businesses successfully combine their style and branding with the look of their interior space, online presence and advertising. A complete and total package, from the ground up.

We’d love to help you rule the world. If you think we’re a good fit, let’s talk.