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Hello Hello!

I’m Christine Tafoya. Except I’m now going by my nickname, Coco. The thing is, it’s more fun than Christine, and sounds pretty great with my last name. So Coco Tafoya it is. (plus, there’s that Chanel connotation, which I’m all about). And shoot. Why not?

Creative director, owner, & designer at Deluxemodern Design and the Dear Miss Modern Shop.

Yep, this is what I do. Thank goodness it’s a real job, because I’d do it even if it wasn’t. I have had a lifelong passion for type, color, layout, packaging, magazines, interior design, art, books, & fashion, and it has only gotten worse (ok, better). My mother will tell you, I was born at the right time: the instant-ness of the internet and social media suits me just fine, and has helped me turn my self-taught hobby into a business bigger than I could have ever imagined. It just gets more fun all the time.

We have recently added creative direction, photo & interior styling, marketing and social media to our list of services, and plan to help businesses successfully combine their style and branding with the look of their interior space, online presence and advertising.

When not at work (haha, right…..) you can find me at home in northern California hanging out with my husband and two daughters, hosting a cocktail party for friends, having brunch by the pool, shopping, or redecorating the house.

Thanks so much for looking around the website, and please drop us a note to say hello!