Coco Tafoya Christine Tafoya Miss Modern Deluxemodern

coco tafoya deluxemodern designHiya.  I’m Coco.

This is a nickname that I love, and have recently started committing to. I’m also known as Christine, Chrisy, Mommy, Honey & Babe. I’m the creative director, owner and designer at Miss Modern Design House.

We specialize in logo design, brand identity and photo styling. We work and collaborate with businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world, and we have a blast doing it. (really, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m updating this page….).

Our tagline “mixing business with pretty” sums up what we do here every single day.

 We strive to create strong, clean, modern design that works perfectly for all areas of your business. Our main focus is to create something that elevates your company and sets it apart from the rest;  something timeless, on point, with staying power – using both skill and intuition.

About me: I personally have an obsession for making things look good. It’s kind of a joke with my family and friends really. I love change. I love new. The instant-ness of the internet suits me perfectly, and has helped  turn this self-taught hobby into a business (much) bigger than I could have ever imagined.  I collect wrapping paper, cheap cocktail rings, great books and bedding. (I have a fixation with fabulous sheets, but am aware that they also mean more laundry). I heart Warhol, Diet Coke, New York, bookstores the Japanese dollar store, French food (French anything), and pale pink. Standard stuff.

But….enough about me. This is about you- so let’s get to it, shall we?

P.S. I often sign my emails xoxo (designers can get away with stuff like that) but the X is right next to the C on the keyboard, and I was (accidentally) constantly typing Coco instead.

xoxo, Coco