Christine Tafoya

Deluxemodern Design Studio-5180

Hi! I’m Christine – (I also go by Coco)

And I’m the Creative Director and control freak of Deluxemodern Brand Studio and The Miss Modern Shop. (and pssssst… coming soon: Coco + Ollie)!

We specialize in logo design, brand identity and photo styling – and honestly, lots of other things (marketing, social media, consulting…).  We love working and collaborating with businesses all over the world, and our tagline “Mixing Business with Pretty” really sums up what we do all day.

About me: I love to work and I love to shop. (good thing I work a lot). These are literally my two favorite things to do. I’m not a big fan of relaxing (until I pass out from exhaustion) and I’m really not a fan of shopping for clothes or shoes (who has time? can’t someone else do that for me)? But I do love to buy new sheets (more laundry!), cheap costume jewelry, tons of books, wrapping paper, home decor and photo props. Oh, and drugstore makeup. Thrift stores also rank pretty high on the list as well. I like the color pink (no, really?) and I think that gel manicures are pretty much the greatest invention ever.  Without good strong coffee I don’t know how I’d get up in the morning, and I’m also fond of Diet Coke and champagne. (favorite food: fondue).

I have two spoiled daughters, a husband who spoils me, and feel pretty lucky all the way around. We live in sunny Cali, and the design studio is right next to the house. If you get a chance, take a look at the studio photos found on our about page. We did a fun makeover last year and worked with some really great companies. (The floor is pink. I warned you).

I never went to design school or took any classes, but knew from the time I was very young that this is what I’d be doing. I used to play “design office” instead of ” house”. I think not following rules is necessary for this business, and keeping things simple is harder than it looks.

So, that’s probably enough about me. I’m really glad you found us and checked out the website, and If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact me here: