deluxemodern partnerships

Thousands of readers across the globe visit our websites each day, and tens of thousands interact with us via our rapidly growing social media networks. Deluxemodern Design and the Dear Miss Modern Shop started in 2007 by offering clean, clever, and modern design. We believe that a good collaboration is the key to business (and fun), so we’re always looking for ways to connect with brands, magazines, bloggers, and companies who share our  love for fashion, home decor, and fun new products. Whether it’s a giveaway, a joint project, or as a contributor, working together is a great way to generate new ideas and keep the energy fresh.

Today our blog posts, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook platforms have became a visiting place for those who have a penchant for design and style. We offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities and would love to learn more about your brand and how we collaborate with you!

We have combined social following of over 45,000  / Website page views per year: 2 million +

* As a commitment to our readers, Deluxemodern does not promote any product that we haven’t personally tried and love. We have found this ensures the most exciting content, and  creates strong brand loyalty among our viewers and partners alike.

Have an idea for a project or collaboration? Get in touch!