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Miss Modern Summer Style

Yay Summer! It’s finally here, and it’s time to add some pop to your online life. We whipped up this juicy little design kit in the studio, so you can have some summer fun at work!

Creamy pastels, flamingos, ice cream and watermelon work alongside our social media buttons, call-to-action badges and more to brighten your brand in a snap. Use for Pinterest, Instagram, blog posts – heck, even give yourself a little branding update! (only 15.00 until Saturday June 11) GO HERE to get your own! More info below the photo.

Miss Modern Summer Style Blog Brand Kit

Here’s what you get:

• 8 adorable summer icons
• 3 sets of social media icons
• 2 sweet summertime patterns
• 3 text overlays
• 1 set of banners & buttons
• 10 call-to-action badges
• 1 set of blank buttons
• 2 blank text boxes (perfect over photos or for sidebar)
• 5 colors in a palette with web numbers
• 3 font names

Photos are not included, but you’ll rock it with your own anyway.


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