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Cheerful Holiday Style | Color Palette

It’s been so long since I’ve done a color palette, so as I was cleaning the office, I decided to sit down and do this instead. The office is still a mess, but….whatever. Color is far more important, no?

I’m always really inspired by non-traditional colors at this time of year. I have never done red and  green (ever) and it seems like forever that I’ve been a big fan of white + light pastels with soft gold and silver for the holidays. I still love that look, but it was starting to feel a little anemic this year, and I wanted some COLOR.  Of course, these colors mix well with lots of white and clear spaces, (and gold and silver too) but a bright hit of candy color is cheerful and happy – red and green included. Especially if you have some grey and drizzly weather going on. I’ve included to hex (web) numbers for and exact color match. All these photos are mine from my instagram page

Deluxemodern Cheerful Holiday Color Palette


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