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The Chic List No. 1

Hello my long lost blog + friends! I’ve done it again – not blogged in over a month. But I have a million good excuses, promise. The thing though, is that I have had the best summer ever (and am going on a cruise next week, so it’s only gonna get better) but it has been much much busier than I expected.The Deluxemodern site will be updated with about 18 new custom brand projects we’ve rocked out over the summer, lots of fun press (Rue Magazine)! and a ton of other goodness. In the meantime, I have been wanting to start sharing things that I:

LOVE BUY EAT MAKE WEAR  + MUST TELL YOU ABOUT. I’m calling it The Chic List. And here it is. Hope you like it.

*Update August 27 : I ordered the rug from RUGS USA, (on July 30th) and it took a few weeks to get here. The mistakenly sent me a rug for a baby’s room, not the bright pink rug pictured here. I had to submit photos (which meant I had to un-package the rug) then repackage it, wait a week for a return label, then haul it down to UPS. In another few weeks I will hopefully be getting a refund. They won’t be sending the rug I ordered because “they don’t do exchanges.” I have to mention what a bad experience this has been. This was my first and last order with this company, and I do not recommend them in any way.The Chic List No. 1 from deluxemodern. A list of what we love buy eat make wear + must tell you about. 1. Bought it: Florbunda 17 month Agenda from Ban.Do. (only 15 bucks)!

2. Bought it: Fab Pink Rug (only 80 bucks)!

3. Brand new inspiration: Collections from VSCO Cam (flipping gorgeous)

4: Need them all: (this is my first)  June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home Art Print 

5. Seriously though, it’s from Wal-Mart: Pink striped umbrella

6. Make it: DIY Hanging Floral Installation (from Sugar & Cloth)


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