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Introducing Coco + Ollie!

Our brand new art print shop, Coco + Ollie will open for business on June 15th! The time has come for us to combine our love of art, design and style by putting something physical out into the world that everyone can enjoy and have access to. For the past 10 years we’ve focused on custom design work, branding, packaging: business stuff. For the past 5 years, The Dear Miss Modern shop has been a great success, but still mainly limited to those in business. While we will continue with both of these businesses of course, Coco + Ollie now joins the group. A little less business, a little more artsy.

We’re starting Coco + Ollie with 50 original designs, as well as curated gallery wall collections (The Coco Collections) which will be groupings of prints made to work together. They’re great for kids rooms, home, office, bar cart decor – we have lots of ideas, and are *very* excited to see where this goes. We already have a magazine interested in featuring them! (update: working on a full magazine article feature – woo-hoo)! Please make sure you’re on our mailing list if you’d like to be notified of the launch, specials, and decorating ideas, and let us know what you think! Newsletter sign up here

Coco + Ollie Print Shop


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