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Show us your holiday style!

We’re excited to whip up this little Pinterest tutorial for the holidays! We’re sharing our thoughts on how to jump start your holiday marketing – since seasonal and holiday Pinterest boards are some of the most searched for  and the most repinned boards out there. We’re going to help you create a stylish holiday board to increase your traffic and attract new followers. Weather you’re busy, overwhelmed or just not sure where to start, we can help. Below are step by step tips and ideas to get you started.

 On Monday, November 3rd we will launch our much awaited Holiday Styling Kit, at a special price for 48 hours. The kit is filled with holiday graphics, overlays and backgrounds for creating marketing pieces, pin embellishments, holiday cards, gift tags -basically anywhere you need a touch of (sophisticated) holiday glam! Our Deluxe Web and Pin Kit is also a great resource for spicing up your pins.

Deluxemodern Holiday Pinterest Tutorial




1. Create a new board: Unique board names are cute, but often cause them to not be found as easily by perspective new followers. Name your board something that is both descriptive and specific to the content it will include. Think about what terms and words people may be using in the search tool on Pinterest.
2. Make your board effective:  After naming your board be sure to click the edit button to update the description and category (more detail listed below). These couple of extra minutes will make your board more effective, more searchable, and more viewed. You can always go back and re-edit your board if you want to change the cover photo, add in more keywords, or change a description. Be sure to use these features right away, but modify them as needed as you pin more and your board begins to really take shape!
3. Description: Write a sentence or two about what your board is about or includes. Again, use key words that describe the content you are pinning so that people can find it. Be concise, descriptive, and specific in your description.
4. Category: Be sure to choose the category for your new board. (There are many to choose from in this drop down). Holidays and Events would be the best choice for this one of course.
5. Choose your Cover Photo: Be sure to choose a strong cover photo. You can do this after you have pinned a few items. Choosing a photo that fits the overall theme and style of your board with good quality and clear will not only make this board more appealing but help your Pinterest account to best showcase your overall style and branding.
6. Board Location: This is a big one, and is often overlooked: it is best to keep your most popular, followed and repinned boards on the top row of your Pinterest account, but with seasonal and holiday boards you may want to make room for them in your top row, especially when they are brand new. After the season, holiday or event passes or as you create new boards you can always rotate it down to make room for your latest boards and inspiring ideas.

7. Be creative and selective in what you pin! Don’t get in the habit of only repinning what you see in your own feed. Use the search tool to search for specific items, ideas, or pins you want to include to find the best and most unique pins that both inspire you and match your business branding and style. You can also pin items directly from your favorite websites and blogs or better yet add your own photos and work for truly unique content. (here’s our rule: we pin pretty. If you need to pin something useful but, uh, not-so-pretty, use a secret board).

1. Cookie recipe (either one of your favorites or one you want to try)
2. A gift to make
3. Holiday / Party outfit
4. Christmas tree / Holiday mantle decor inspiration
5. Favorite family board game
6. Most memorable gift from your childhood / vintage toy
7. Stocking or Stocking stuffer idea
8. Holiday cocktail or appetizer recipe
9. New gadget or tech type of gift
10. Favorite holiday song / album or sheet music of holiday song
11. A good book to gift or read
12. Ornament (to purchase or craft)
13. Holiday tradition or get-a-way destination
14. Quote about gratitude, family, or holiday
15. Creative packaging, wrapping paper, gift wrap or gift tag
16. An item you are would like to receive this holiday
17. specialty gift (pet, child, boss, etc)
18. Wreath or outdoor decor
19. Winter / Holiday Color palette
20. DIY winter craft
21. Something cozy (coat, scarf, sweater, mittens, boots, unique socks)
22. Make-up product or style / look, nail polish color, manicure,
23. Advent calendar / holiday tradition  / gingerbread house
24. Cozy Pajamas /Robe / or slippers
25. Favorite Christmas Movie


Deluxe Holiday Styling Kit


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