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DIY Gift Toppers

Wanna make a quick + crafty cupcake paper gift topper, because they’re so easy? Of course you do! (if I can do this, you can do this for sure). If you’re short on time and still need to have Pinterest-worthy gift wrap, then join me in making a few of these. They’ll wonder how you did it! These take less then 5 minutes and are really adorbs. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

Miss Modern Gift Topper



Cupcake papers (10 per pom pom), scissors & a stapler.


Stack 10 cupcake papers, and flatten slightly. Staple in the middle, then fold in half. While folded, make equal cuts around the edge. Open, and pull apart the layers.

Ta Da! You could also paint them with watercolors, add berries to the center, cut the edge with fancy scissors, and probably a million other things you can think of.

Happy Holidays you guys! xoxoxo




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