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Living Room Revamp

Miss Modern

Miss Modern’s Living Room Makeover

Do you ever look around your house (say, after months of being insanely busy) and think: “what the heck happened here?” “Have I lost all sense of style?” That’s what happened this weekend, and I decided I needed a quick overhaul. I am not really one to wait for anything, and I wanted this done now. Fortunately I have a very patient husband who loves (ha ha) to assemble furniture. Friday night I created this mood board, by Saturday all pieces had been ordered – except the gold Target ottoman which I already had, and the sofas which we ran down to pick up on Sunday (a day trip to Ikea + a small U-haul). I need some plants (going to try a fiddle leaf fig, ’cause I’m trendy like that), and we need some some super fab new art. If anyone has suggestions on where to find some amazing + affordable art (or photography) send links, please! Oh, and I designed the gold polka dot pillow too. You can get one here.

The palette makes me calm (not my natural state) and having a unified look makes me happy. What do you think? Like it?



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