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I love this chandelier. So much. I decked it out this morning, and here’s how it went:

Last weekend I decided my back patio looked less than stellar (gross, run-down and wintered-out). So I went out and got some new cushions for the furniture, added a cool white coffee table that I already had,  put up some big white market umbrellas and cleaned out the fountain. It all looked very lounge-like and sophisticated. (Although, I used bleach in the fountain which for some reason turned into the biggest mess of bubbles…so we had a bubble bath-looking fountain). That gave us the idea to run champagne through a fountain for a party, but that’s another story.

Anyway. After I was finished with my little project, something was missing: lighting.  Since I have closets full of decorating stuff, I went and found a really pretty white paper japanese style lantern from ikea, and a string of white Christmas lights. I filled the lantern with lights and hung it from the lath cover over the patio and it looked great. So great in fact, that I took lots of pictures (before and after) and showed all my friends that night at a party. They were impressed.;)

Enter fog and drizzle. I woke up the next morning to a very sad and saggy paper lantern that was falling apart. I was not happy. I went out to my garage (the decorating graveyard) and found this chandelier that used to hang in the entrance of the restaurant I had with my husband. Hmm. Maybe we could do something with this. It’s metal so it won’t wilt in the fog. I gathered up my 5 year old and headed to the craft store. On the way there she decided we should paint it pink. Perfect. Let’s expand on that.

Fruit, flowers, birds, crystals and pink and green paint. A little oil cloth will cover the candle-thingies (right now that’s just origami paper), so the whole thing will be completely waterproof – not to mention crazy, kitschy and over-the top.  It’s a masterpiece I tell ya.

Me + the 5 year old had a blast decorating it, (although I admit not letting her do much). We’ll have to give the bird a name, so if you have any ideas, let us know.

 * update 04/29/12: we’ve decided on the name Paris. It was a toss up between that and Louis.


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