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Yearly Archives: 2011

Dear Miss Modern Rocks.

That’s right. I said it. I think the brand spanking new Dear Miss Modern shop rocks the house, and I’m not ashamed to say so.  Cleaner, prettier, better navigation + better links to products. Plus, I’m getting a little more savvy with the code thing, which is NOT my thing. There will be more marketing […]

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Something from nothing.

I am quite fond of color, and have always loved paint swatches. I don’t throw them away, and I have  been known to frame them on more than one occasion. In the restaurant I used to own with my husband, we had a big black frame with a grid of paint chips hanging on the […]

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Can you say hot? Denise Birdsong Modern Love Photography

Please meet Denise Birdsong. My friend, client, cheerleader, and flippin’ amazing photographer. I met Denise a year ago when she called me for a complete custom brand for the photography business she was just starting. She had just picked up a camera not long before, and wanted to give it a whirl.  She had a […]

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Not a photographer.

Nope. I’m really bad. So I completely appreciate what it is that {most of you} do! I cut off heads, finger in the lens, never get the right moment -you name it. I can tell when the moment is right, I just can’t get it. Plus, I don’t have a camera. I have an iphone. […]

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I love to play dress up. I begged for high heels when I was six. I have a dress fetish, a shoe fetish, and am a magazine junkie… so you can IMAGINE my happiness when I found out about the inspirational waste-of-time that is Pinterest. Actually, people are always telling me that it’s a waste […]

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Fun with paper

Just a quick little post to add some fun to your Monday! Ok, we admit it. We are more excited about this  little craft project then the kids are. Would make very cute decorations for your office, no? They aren’t free, but they’re pretty cheap. You can also search online to find free ones. Find […]

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