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It’s In the (hand) Bag

Deluxemodern CONTEST! What

Win a  50.00 gift certificate to the Dear Miss Modern Shop!

I admit it, this contest is totally spur of the moment. Here’s how it happened:

This morning, while on the phone with the DMV trying to renew my registration, I was digging through my handbag looking for my credit card (which is normally in my wallet, but after holiday shopping last night I just threw it in there). Now this bag can also double as a suitcase, or a carrier for a small child. It’s HUGE. In fact last week I had a roll of fishing line, a pair of black heels, a blow dryer, 2 rolls of scotch tape and a brush that did not fare too well with the roll of fishing line (it ended up a hot tangled mess). Holiday decorating and a photo shoot are the reason for all the strange additions, but it’s always SOMETHING. My point is this: the rest of my life is not a disaster, so why is my handbag? My theory is that no matter the size of your bag, you will fill it up with crap you don’t need.

After not being able to find my card (I did, however, find a large plastic giraffe) I had to hang up with the DMV and start over. I very much dislike wasting time… I emptied out the ENTIRE contents of the bag on the kitchen table and started over. Waaaaaay to many receipts, change, about a thousand pens, and oh, finally – a credit card. As I organized everything out that gets to go back in to (a much smaller) handbag, it reminded me of those magazine shoots where they ask people (mostly celebrities I guess, because we for some reason care about what they haul around) “what’s in your handbag?”

I have always LOVED to see what people carry around actually,  and what they carry it in…so here’s the contest:

1. Tell us the craziest thing in your handbag at this very moment here on the blog and on our facebook page- HERE  (post right on the wall…people will wonder……).

2. Send a photo of your handbag contents to: (feel free to leave out anything we shouldn’t see of course). Not necessary to win, but fun.

Two winners will be chosen ( by us) on Friday December 9th, and will each receive a 50.00 gift certificate to the Dear Miss Modern Shop.

** This is lighthearted and silly, Nothing serious. (is it ever)? The contents of my handbag  from this morning are pictured above.



  • Nothing fun or too crazy…a diaper changing pad. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I’m looking at your handbag contents and then mine. Everything in my bag is black…wallets, sunglasses case, makeup bag, wallet, checkbook, etc. Wow do I need to shake it up! BORING! Never thought about it before….if you didn’t know me you may think I’m dreary.ReplyCancel

  • Lani Derrick

    Multiple bottles of nail polish:)ReplyCancel

  • Lani Derrick

    Lots of junk…and 5 bottles of nail polish.ReplyCancel

  • ashley t

    Chop sticks! I take them everywhere! Theyre pink with little rabbits on them. Totally weird, I know. BUT I feel awesome eating food with them! :/ReplyCancel

  • Kari L.

    My handbag is awful. My friends refer to it as the rabbit in the hat purse because it is an absolute disaster and anything you could possibly imagine could be in my purse (and things you cannot imagine, too), IS in my purse. Right now, a strange item in there is a combination lock.ReplyCancel

  • Tara Carter

    Lol I have 2 pairs of doctor grade stitches removal scissors, a package of oreos and a box of hair dye. I will post a picture in a little bit, I’m sick on the couch.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I have three pairs of sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, one glass case, two toe separators (pedicure was over a month ago!) and a pair of stinky dirty children’s socks!ReplyCancel

  • Well besides the 5 million receipts, multiple bottles of hand sanitzer, 3 Mio water flavors, and my wallet, I also have a rubber duck (don’t even know why that is in there) and a pair of dracula teeth from Halloween. Thanks to this post I now actually know what is in my handbag.ReplyCancel

  • Ruby Smith

    My purse is pretty normal for a 3yr olds moms purse who locks her self out of the car alot. I have toy hand cuffs, a toy gun, about 3 toy story figures, an extra pair of socks (for my 3 yr old) and a wire hanger, because my husband keeps the spe keys and he works 16 hrs a day.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Hoexter

    I have two paint can openers and one toe separator from a pedi (where’s the other one?), and a matchbox car.ReplyCancel

  • Lip stick and all baby items that include diaper, wipes and their toys. Kids really do simplify your own personal items and I sure need to start to focus a little on me, hehe.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Gagen

    Along with assorted other crap, there are two spools of dental floss, a tire gauge, garage door opener, play lipstick, bug bite cream, a lizard keychain (made of beads), bandaids, cellphone charger, another charging cord, fruit snacks, headband, hair clip, a bracelet of my daughter’s, and a cookie 🙂 That’s actually fairly mild for my purse 😉ReplyCancel

  • Ok a dice, Barbie crown, earrings, kids underwear, 5 little cars, sunscreen, wallet, braceletReplyCancel

  • I have a mini reflector, bottle caps and baby mum mums in my purse.ReplyCancel

  • Kim V.

    WELL this is embarrassing!! I have : an enormous bag of make-up that i dont use and cannot close, 3 random fake nails from my brothers Oct. 1st wedding, a happy heart (3 point massager), an APA patch for billiards, a block, a plastic ball, kool-aid fun fizz, numerous paint cards, THREE usb devices, gumpaste flowers, arby’s sauce, ruby tuesday’s wet nap, nail glue, 2 used printer cartridges, my SquareUp and my Intuit swipers, a SPOON, a blackberry charger without the cord (?!), and thats just the odd things… i swear you cant make this stuff up!! I didnt even put half back in.. no wonder it weighs as much as my 2yr old son!! o_0… uploading pics for fb 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Um….I wish I could tell you what my craziest thing is…but, the crazy thing is, I’m not sure what it is!! I switched out my purse seasonally so it usually stays pretty cleaned out (other than the all the paper and receipts!) However, I do have three kids an occasionally the odd thing will sneak in there!ReplyCancel

  • danyiel Johnson

    Um, not really sure why I would have even one but I have two of those allen wrench tool thingys that come with stuff like Ikea furniture. Honorable mentions: pine cone, pumpkin carving toolReplyCancel

  • The craziest thing would be the coupon wallet my son made me. He made it with a cracker box and green electrical tape. It’s a beauty! Oh, I also carry earplugs for when I just can’t take the noise anymore. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Maira

    Hello, I think the craziest thing I have on my little handbag is the manual of my dsrl despite I do not carry my camera everywhere l go, not too crazy, I know…!!!ReplyCancel

  • I posted this on facebook earlier this week, then cleaned out most of it, but the week has added new junk to my bag!

    Oh this contest is perfect for me. My bag is a cornucopia of random (life with a toddler!). At the moment I have one swedish snot sucker, a purse WITHIN a purse (my daughter’s), 12 pens, 6 lip glosses, 1 false eyelash (just took our holiday pics and they were bugging me afterwards so I threw them in and it looks like one made it)… oh hey! I found my nail clippers! …aaaand now I’m embarrassed admitting to this mess. But in my defense, my daughter is sick (snot-sucker), I have a pretty planner that I like to write in with pretty pens, my lips get chapped, and the nail clippers are all my husband’s fault! He takes them and leaves them in the car so I have to hunt them down to put back in the house. Yes he clips his nails in the car, en route to work. Actually he should win for most random. Oh! and the giraffe? We have one too. Sophie goes EVERYWHERE. Now I need to take a pic of all this nonsense for ya 😉

    So yes, I cleaned it but now it’s full of cough drops (guess who caught someone’s cold), holiday cards, a McDonald’s commemorative Coca Cola glass and the Christmas ornament my company gives us every year. Ahhh I guess I’ll never learn my lesson. Maybe I need to carry a smaller bag? 😛 Thanks again for doing this!ReplyCancel

  • A light bulb! Don’t ask:)ReplyCancel

  • Happy Holidays Miss Modern!
    I hope it is not too late to enter this fantastic contest.
    I have the following items in my purse. It really scares me that I’m carrying some of these items around. People might really wonder if I drop the contents in public /:

    Lip Gloss ( in a lip shape container)
    Rubber Ducky with Rabbit Ears ( my baby’s toy)
    Teething Ring ( again….my belongs to my baby )
    Photo Corners ( ok…you never know when you’ll need to stick photos in an album on the go ) (:
    Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament ( I just made it in my Crafting Group ). I promise to put it on the Christmas Tree today!
    Holiday Stamps
    Roll of Red Ribbon

    I’ll email my photo to you…..ReplyCancel

  • Oh I so would have won this! I always have at least 2-3 dress clips in my purse. Very sad but it’s what I love!ReplyCancel

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