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Miss Modern Musings | Not a Photographer

Nope. I’m really bad. So I completely appreciate what it is that {most of you} do! I cut off heads, finger in the lens, never get the right moment -you name it. I can tell when the moment is right, I just can’t get it. Plus, I don’t have a camera. I have an iphone. I recently upgraded to the iphone 4 {in white} mainly because of the camera capabilities {zoom, flash, etc.} and I love it.  Here are a few photos I’ve put together in the last couple of days, using the app CrossProcess, which I also love……I’m more visual than technical, and that’s a fact.

FROM THE TOP: 1. Antique Buddha statue with my future office-mates business card + drink umbrella. 2. Books I never read  3. Dinner + Drinks last night with my husband 4. Fabulous hat from Ross for 10 bucks. 5. Miss 5 year olds fancy feet. 6. Baby snail we saw while watering this morning.  7. In the mailbox today….Rosebud duvet cover and pink party straws for above mentioned 5 year old. 8. Drink of choice. 9. Snapshot of a Misopretty bag given to me by my friend Jenny, years ago. 10. Random stuff. 11. Roses from our garden. 12.  Our house numbers.


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