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Please meet Denise Birdsong.

My friend, client, cheerleader, and flippin’ amazing photographer. I met Denise a year ago when she called me for a complete custom brand for the photography business she was just starting. She had just picked up a camera not long before, and wanted to give it a whirl.  She had a 2 week time frame to get it done, and I was booked…so as much as I wanted to take her as a client, I told her I couldn’t.  Denise does not take no for an answer, and I could not be more happy about that. Deluxemodern ended up creating the first business identity for Sweet Cheeks Boudoir in the 2 week time frame, with the website & blog to follow soon after.  Shortly after that we created the brand for the wedding side of her business – Denise Birdsong Photography, and at the last minute , I threw in the tag line “MODERN LOVE”. To say that she liked it was an understatement.  After about a year of shooting, getting booked, learning and refining her business, “Sweet Cheeks” and “Denise Birdsong” didn’t feel like the right fit for the direction her business was going.

So we changed it. All of it. Modern Love Photography is now the wedding side of her business, and Modern Love Boudoir is {obviously} the boudoir side. We wanted to create two brands that could stand on their own, but also work together seamlessly – while feeling sophisticated, light and modern. I think we accomplished that, and I love them both.

Denise is very appreciative and frequently writes little notes saying thank you. Upon opening one of her emails last fall, I got as far as the greeting; “Dear Miss Modern…” I stopped reading that instant, and couldn’t get to to fast enough to register the domain. Dear Miss Modern became the name of my design shop {pre-made logos and marketing templates, in case you have not seen it}… So, yes. We named each others businesses by accident. AWESOME.

I  look forward to working with Denise for…. well, ever.


Investing in my branding is the best business decision I have made, hands down!
Unlike many other photographers who start a photography business I did not have a robust portfolio that could express my style, my vision, my look or my brand.  What I did have were impactful  images that were (in my opinion) gorgeous and the direction I wanted to go. I was shooting boudoir and I knew I needed to create a look and feel that was refined and established. I knew that from the very first contact with clients (marketing material) I needed to put them at ease.  Shooting this type of session can be difficult for some women and they need to feel confident and assured in their photographers professionalism from start to finish. I also wanted to create a brand that encapsulated styling that I love, I knew in doing so I would attract to me and my business other women who had the same style sense-abilities.
I went through THREE different designers before I found Christine and Deluxemodern.  None of them were able to get me and my style, to execute a brand, look and feel that felt right.  Miss Modern
(as I nick named her)  hit the nail on the head with our first daft…We have since grown the brand to include weddings and have made some pretty major changes as I have grown and changed in my direction and everyone of them has been PERFECT for me!  I tell you at every curve in the road Miss Modern pulls a rabbit out of her hat that is ever better than the last.  I am not sure how she does it but I am sure glad that she does! I know I will be counting on her services for, well, ever…
You can see more of Modern Love Photography and Denise’s work here:


1.) My family,dog included. I am the luckiest girl on the planet, I have the hottest husband ever, two wonderful and gorgeous children and a loving and faithful pooch named Sid!  My husband is supportive partner, great father and did I mention how hot he is?  My daughter is an amazing artist, a great photographer who has an eye for beauty and is a stunning beauty herself and well the little one he just runs around being the cutest thing ever!

2.) Sexy Knickers! This might be overstating the obvious but I am a firm believer in sexy… And while sexy means many different things for different people swoon worthy unmentionables set my heart a flutter.  Faire frou frou is my Disneyland, the happiest place on earth…

3.) Music. Oh my I love me some rock star swagger, and music is one thing I can not live without.  This is  passion my family shares, we spend our family vacations checking out new music and South by South West…

4.) Everything Blush Colored. Scrumptious color {and sexy…}.

5.) Miss Modern. I am addicted, seriously!  Miss Modern has created the most amazing brand with and for me, her style, her ability to “get me” and her ability to execute crazy awesome ideas makes her not just a designer for my brand but a necessary  component of my business model!  And she is pretty sexy :>

6.)  Ellen Von Unwerth’s work. This former model turned editorial fashion photog is my hero, I am on LOVE with her work…

7.) Lipstick.  I think everyone chooses their FAVORITE bit or part, mine is my lips, and lipstick makes them that much better!

8.) Cherry Blossoms.  Gorgeous pink blooms under a beautiful blue sky, doesn’t get much better…

9.) Sushi.  I wish it wasnt soo good…

10.) Tom Ford Bitch! This man is genius, his design style blows my mind and have you seen his banned adds? hello hotness!

Anyone  else notice a theme here……?


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