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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Something from nothing.

I am quite fond of color, and have always loved paint swatches. I don’t throw them away, and I have¬† been known to frame them on more than one occasion. In the restaurant I used to own with my husband, we had a big black frame with a grid of paint chips hanging on the […]

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Can you say hot? Denise Birdsong Modern Love Photography

Please meet Denise Birdsong. My friend, client, cheerleader, and flippin’ amazing photographer. I met Denise a year ago when she called me for a complete custom brand for the photography business she was just starting. She had just picked up a camera not long before, and wanted to give it a whirl.¬† She had a […]

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Not a photographer.

Nope. I’m really bad. So I completely appreciate what it is that {most of you} do! I cut off heads, finger in the lens, never get the right moment -you name it. I can tell when the moment is right, I just can’t get it. Plus, I don’t have a camera. I have an iphone. […]

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