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I love to play dress up. I begged for high heels when I was six. I have a dress fetish, a shoe fetish, and am a magazine junkie… so you can IMAGINE my happiness when I found out about the inspirational waste-of-time that is Pinterest. Actually, people are always telling me that it’s a waste of time;  but I beg to differ.

For those of us who sit in front of the computer all day (and night), Pinterest is a much needed break and a welcome source for pretty pictures and inspiration.  For those of you who do not know about this high-tech, virtual scrapbook- well, then, you’ll either love me or hate me after this. Pinterest is a website that lets you  create your own “scrapbook” boards. Photos of food, fashion, fabulous spaces, craft ideas, kids, color, pattern, etc.

Most of the photos link back to the original post , so if you pin a photo of food, you can most likely get the recipe for it.  The below photos are pulled from my pinboard titled “Miss Modern”.  It’s really fun to see collections of things you love and are drawn to at-a-glance…. for instance, did  I realize that I was so in love with black and white stripes? I dunno. The high heels I was pretty sure about.

I am going to start asking my clients to create boards as inspiration for their branding…I think  an overall insight into their style-psyche is a great way to work.

(Oh, and here’s a link to the miss modern pinboard)

Have fun, addict!

  • Thank you for sharing this with me, now that I am over the wasted time issue, I am in love with this and find it very very inspiring. You are the best!ReplyCancel

  • I love following your pins, you have the perfect mix of vintage chic, pattern and color!ReplyCancel

  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!ReplyCancel

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